Man Attempts Matric Exams 47th Time!! Still a FAILURE!

We all have heard that famous quote that “Try, try, till you succeed”, here is a living example of this famous quotation. A man named Shivcharan who belongs to India is giving matriculation exam since 1969! Yeah, too long, since 1969! If that was me, honestly I would have left it but this man has something in him.


82 year old Shivcharan is very much determined man and belongs to India. He is associating passing his Matric exam to his marriage. When he was young and energetic, he promised to only get married when he will pass matriculation with distinct marks and no failure in any of the subjects.

Shivcharan started fulfilling his wish since 1969. Since then he is appearing in Matric exams each year but all in vain. Whenever he passes one subject, he gets an ‘F’ in any other subject and the whole year goes in vain.


Recently he has tried to pass Matric exams for the 47th time but he was not able to clear all the subjects. This breaks his heart pretty much because he is a single 82 year old man and has not got married!

Shivcharan has to travel 140 km from his home to give his annual examinations. He is so much determined about his promise that he still wants to give more attempts to the exams. His old age is also becoming a barrier in his strong aim because his poor health is not with him now. This old man seriously wants to get married but only in one condition IF HE WILL PASS MATRIC!

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